Sunday, August 21, 2011

You Are Accountable for Your Own Actions

Greetings, Beautiful People..we pray all is well with everyone on Love Island...
Ok,so this is really quick. I had to post this because I know, personally, that we can sometimes blame our spouse or significant other on account of how we reacted to a situation. Bottom line, on that day of judgement, we are going to be held accountable for our own individual actions..the excuse, 'well, he/she caused me to react that way' just 'ain't' gonna cut, here is something that inspired me that I wrote in regards to my husband, who can be quite patient with me, which can be a task sometime..enjoy!

From Wife To Husband: ACTIONS

Sometimes I get irritated, very impatient, emotional, and hormonal, yet, The Most High blessed me with a man who has more to offer than material items that are temporary, but what he does have is COMPASSION, ACCOUNTABILITY, HUMILITY and says that no matter how I may act, sometimes, it doesn't dictate how he responds because ultimately, he still has to answer for his own actions.

Now, let me say this..this is his response and his action, 95% of the time..there are some times where he's like enough is enough and we can go knee to knee in our, but the most important thing, always, is to calm down and communicate and keep emotions in check..that works every time.

Happy Trails


  1. This is great....I can relate on so many levels. You and I seem to share similar characteristics and my husband is oh so very patient with...but there are those times when he goes in on! Keep this up!!

  2. LOl...yes, you know..we can push those limit buttons, lol..too funny

  3. Yeah my husband is the patient one as well. But when there are times where he does hold firm and says...that's enough! He is really a gift from God!

  4. Anonymous said...
    hello..loving your page..well i have a question or better yet need some advise. Well last year God spoke to me about my husband. He told me who it was. But i never told anybody because i wanted confirmation.i didn't act out of character trying to get notice by him..Everytime i seen him i would speak and that was it. Well God spoke to me, He said you will go through a season of confirmation.. Well God did through a 17 year girl, my pastor wife and last my pastor..After he spoke over my life, and who it was i was exciting because it's nothing like when you know, that you know, you didn't miss God..short story my pastor set him up with another woman..Broken Hearted..Im wondering since the Will of God passed me by does that mean marriage is over for me..Help slacking in my faith

  5. Greetings, Anon sorry for the late response as I typed an entire message and thought I hit the send button and am now realizing that it did not take, so here it goes again. I read your post over and over and I do have a few questions just to get some clarity. I did want to ask, if you did hear the voice of God, why didn't you move on it...I ask this because sometimes we want God to respond to us like humans respond to each other. He will send us confirmation and wait to see what we will do next. I also wanted to ask, did the young man that you were referring to have an idea at all that you were interested? And let me intervene quickly, don't let the enemy ever cause you to feel that marriage is not in your future, that's exactly what he wants and I pray that you don't let him win. Then my last question, are there more details to this story? If you would like to speak more in private, please feel free to email me at hope to hear from you soon, thank you for your openness.