Tuesday, April 29, 2014


CHILDREN..A Beautiful Reflection of You...Be Mindful of what you are reflecting.

I always find it awkward when people meet me or my hubby for the first time and show a bit of surprise to find how cool and down to earth we truly are. I guess in my head, I think, 'what else would we be'...but then I begin to understand why that is. In today's technology society, especially with the boom of social media sites, people may portray someone totally opposite of who they are. There are even some who use other people's pics and images and create a faux life not their own. Why I remember being alerted that someone on FB used my photos posing as me..I mean, it was quite disturbing. Any who, one of the best compliments that we received from someone was the mention of how manner able and responsible our children were. That's HUGE to me because we strive hard to balance freedom and discipline. While we do allow our children to express themselves, we ALWAYS require it to be done in a respectable manner. Manners are a Huge Huge pet peeve of mine and I am a firm believer that manners begin at home. Our children are expected to greet and exude good manners. We do not believe in enabling our children, as I've seen the results of enabled children who become enabled adults. So, when we do receive the question, 'how do you get your children to be so manner able and responsible', we answer, 'it's about first exuding those characters within ourselves then presenting the expectations to our children once they reach the age of awareness'. We encourage conflict resolution amongst each other and encourage uplifting, not competing with each other. Basically, we strive to do much of the opposite of what we saw and/or experienced growing up. We teach our children that there are Always consequences for every action. My mother in law, during her last visit, said to us, 'I wish I had you guys as parents growing up. You guys are amazing! That... Truly made my day!! I know everyone has their own method of raising their little ones, this is the beauty of how we raise ours. Of course, we make mistakes, but each day we wake we get a chance to get it right, and that begins with US as parents setting the examples. We expect respect, and we strive to exude respect. We expect great manners, and we strive to express great manners. We are a simple cool bunch striving to do this thing called 'spiritual living' right!! It takes too much energy to put into being someone we are not and there's always a recompense for doing that. All darkness is eventually exposed in the light...
As always, we encourage, Be The Light!!