Friday, October 7, 2011

From The Neck Up..From The Navel Down

By Dashawn Washington
One Tuesday afternoon I'm sitting in my car, seat let all the way back eating a turkey sandwich, nodding my head to some Smoky Robinson, I'm just "Crusin" then all of a sudden the phone rings, its a really good friend of mine he calls from time to time on my lunch break to chop it up sometimes about nothing sometimes about something. Today's topic of discussion hmmmm Lets see... Gotta get a job, gotta do better with my life, oh and I saw so and so she was looking good I wanna knock dat off yada yada yada. Except for this day its gon be different. Today I'm bout to challenge that $h!+ he talkin, today I'm bout to put him up on why that $h!+ he talkin can destroy not only him but our entire culture...

    Couple weeks prior to that Shan Rhodes sent me a link that changed my day... Well I would say my life but I don't wanna sound to dramatic (smiling lightly) never the less it brought great observations to my attention. In fact it caused me to pay closer attention to way I talked to people and the things I present as a person more intensely than I ever had before. Now before I tell you what the link was about Let me ask you this. How important is it to you that you know the person you sleep with?

    I'm not talking about you know her/his first or last name, you know where his/her mamma lives, and they work at that new Big Lots over there on Campbelton Rd. I'm talking about really KNOWING the person who we decide to have a sexual encounter and possibly creating offspring with. Now about that link, Its was Louis Farrakhan explaining to a room full of people the 3 most important sciences that the black community was never taught INTENTIONALLY and one of them was The Science Of Mating. I hear the echos like science of mating ??? Yes the science of mating, there is a science to nearly everything, and when I heard this speech I began to play close attention to my conversations and interactions with people, wanna hear what I observed? Every conversation that I had with an African American male that lasted over 30min led to the expressed desire of what I consider to be an empty sexual encounter with the exception of 2 dudes both hederal sexual. (and I say that because in our community if you ain't talkin bout P***y then you must be gay) I also observed that if the contrary was expressed or if the motivation for lust is questioned there is really no logical response of substance that these loose and empty desires can stand on. Think about it, what do we do when a nice looking woman walks by? Ok all together fellas,(in unison) We Look at her ass, and even though she hasn't spoken one word we'll even go as far as to say "I'll hit that". This is how we mate, we mate from the navel down (Farakahn's words exactly) at that moment everything from the neck up means absolutely nothing. All we know is she's fine she gotta nice this, and some big'ol that and we gotta new mission.

    Here's where the science comes in, through out history GENERATIONS of wealth, intelligence and greatness has been created following the science of mating. Choosing a partner based on background, academic accomplishments, health and wellness, and history of wealth. Sounds crude don't it? Its not though what it is, is calculating and somehow it was never introduced to us. Hundreds of the wealthiest families in the world came from generations of success based on this science. The Chinese, Europeans, Asians, and yes also native Africans have all implemented this science and created their cultures with it as a simple way of being. In some cultures who one marries or create a spiritual union with is the most important decision they'll ever make. They mate from the neck up.

     This got me to wondering why some of the smartest, healthiest, most intelligent African American men and women end up with the opposite ends of there spectrum in comparison. Good girls liking the dope boys, good boys falling for the jump offs. I think its interesting how we never match ambition with ambition brains with brains, but there can only be one reason why this is the case. We as a people spend so much time making being smart sound uncool and making the wrong thing to do sound right it automatically sounds right to any good girl or boy for that matter. We are afraid to acknowledge the neck up, not only that we are so sexually driven and outta control we are not checking our selves from the neck up. I'm not trying to change the way anybody thinks, seriously who am I to even try I just wanna shine some light on the way we do things because it is so damaging to our progression. We are the main ones with A.I.D.S. and you can go to child support any day of the week and black cases will out number any other ethnicity any day of the week I'm willing to bet not to mention Black men are loosing their most precious resource of all  BLACK WOMEN and for what, all because we have never been able to control something as simple as a sexual encounter. Every lesson we learn about sex is a lesson taught the hard way and in to many cases to late. What a woman thinks, the way a woman is, what entertains her, what motivates her, what stimulates and moves her have to become more important than how big her ass and boobs are whether or not she's light or dark skinned and how long her hair is, and ladies before consider a sexual encounter with a man consider this first, is he a life long provider or a part time thigh divider? Where is he going? Where has he been? What are his dreams? What are his plans? and most importantly is he for real?, cause a man knows how to make it sound real good just so he can make it feel real good even faster. Hey I know at the end of the day people are going to do what they wanna do no matter what all I'm saying God gave us the right to choose so we can win not lose.

God Bless Us All.