Monday, August 22, 2011

Family Roles: HUSBANDS

 Greetings, Beautiful people..we pray all is well with everyone.

How many of us as disciples can say that we truly understand the biblical roles of the family? When you think of roles for your family, how do view your husband’s role? Your wife’s role? Where did you learn about the role of the family? Before I began reading and really focusing on God’s Word, I did not fully and truly understand His Word on the role’s for the family. And as I am learning to understand it, I still backslide into 33 years of learned behavior of what I knew and learned about how to establish family.

Roles are important because it provides biblical balance needed for each spouse to function in the role God intended. Just as men and women are created differently, they also have differing roles to fulfill in the marriage relationship. God gives each of us abilities to function in those roles.

The Husband’s Role: 

Ephesians 5:23 ‘For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior.’ As head, it’s the husband’s responsibility to cast the vision God has given for his family and to communicate that vision to his wife. But the real question is what does God expect of a husband? Ephesians 5:25 ‘Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.’ The husband needs to understand the needs of his wife. For instance, most wives will say they need to be loved, cherished, and valued. God created us this way. Wives look more at the actions of their husbands, than what he says. Wives need their husbands to communicate their love by demonstration and actions she understands. Husbands hold the key to the success or failure in a marriage. When a wife sees the sacrificial love of her husband, she is motivated to love him and submit to him. The greatest of all leaders is a servant. God’s Word tells us to do nothing through selfish ambition. Jesus was a servant leader, He led by example and so are the duties of husbands. True authority comes from humility. Jesus was a selfless leader. He humbled himself and served. A husband must be firm and decisive, but also humble and unselfish. Men, when you lead your wives or prospective wives in learning the Word of God, she grows and she will also find it easy to submit to you, as she sees you submitting to Christ. God intends for the husband to provide for the needs of his family. Provision must not only be made for physical needs, but spiritual as well. Not only is the husband to make provisions for food, clothing and shelter, he also provides teaching of Godly principles.1Timothy 5:8 ‘but if anyone does not take care of his relatives, especially the members of his own family, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.’ Husbands are to model a heart for reconciliation and restoration. This includes forgiveness and serving. Husbands are to forgive quickly when offended, and no record of wrong should be kept. This must be done whether the wife repents or not.

The Husband is to demonstrate spiritual headship in tangible ways, because the wife must be able to recognize the way a husband leads:

  • · Daily prayer with wife
  • · Daily devotion including reading scripture
  • · Communicating with his wife what the Lord has spoken to him
  • · Developing a vision for the family
  • · Teaching his wife and children the principles of scripture

Loving your wife means being sensitive to her needs. Comfort your wife when she needs comforting, not when you think she needs it. A husband should protect their family from:
  • · Criticism-particularly opposition from relatives
  • · Evil influences-How much social contact my family has and what form will it take
  • · The dangers of youthful desires-Take the lead in courtship
  • · Physical and spiritual calamity- Pray for protection for your family
  • · Harmful contacts with others outside the foundational family

Men, ask your wives or future spouses if she feels your love?

Ask if you have demonstrated sacrificial love to her? 
Ask her to provide 3-4 caring behaviors that you can do for her, that will make her feel loved and cared about 

Happy Healthy Day! We Love you guys


  1. I struggled with the concept of roles in a marriage for a long time before learing the biblical standpoint.Nothing good can come from fighting aganist what God intends for us. Thank you for teaching and reaching out in this way!!!

  2. hello..loving your page..well i have a question or better yet need some advise. Well last year God spoke to me about my husband. He told me who it was. But i never told anybody because i wanted confirmation.i didn't act out of character trying to get notice by him..when iseen him i we speak and that was it. Well God spoke to me He said you will go through a season of confirmation.. Well he did through a 17 year girl, my pastor wife and last my pastor..After he spoke over my life and who it was i was exciting because it's nothing like when you know that you know you didn't miss God..short story my pastor set him up with another woman..Broken Hearted..I wondering since the Will of God passed me by does that mean marriage is over for me..Help slacking in my faith

  3. Greetings, Anon 12:56.. First let me say that I'm sorry for your situation, I can imagine how hurtful that can be..To answer your question in regards to the confirmation, I believe (and strictly my opinion based on my belief and faith) that we can look for confirmation so much and so hard that we miss out on the blessing that may be right in front of us. But I also believe, if you receive a vision from God, you should act on it..that's where the faith part comes in..and seek true Godly council from someone who is speaking from the Bible and if what they are saying is not align with the Bible, then it's their own personal opinion, which is not part of the vision. And the Bible teaches us, 'what God joins together let no man separate'. But I did want to ask a few more questions, because the message as I've read it over and over, is bringing a couple questions. First, is there a little more to the story? 2. Was the young man aware that you were interested? 3. When you heard the voice of God, what made you hesitate to act up on it? Also, if you would like to speak in private, you can email me at to hear from you

  4. i sent the answers to your email ...looking forward for your feedback..